Shaolin Wahnam Japan


About Sifu Naoko Yamada・山田なおこ師父について

Sifu Naoko Yamada is honoured to be a certified instructor of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. She began intensive training with Master Emiko Hsuen in October 2004.

Sifu Naoko has also studied with her Sigung (Grandmaster Wong), Master Jean Lie, Master Michael Chow, and Grandmaster Helen Wu. In July 2007, she competed in the category of "Optional Empty Hand Routines II" at the "2007 Wushu International Championships" held on July 21 & 22 at Hamilton, Canada, attaining a gold medal.

Her main teaching base is in Toyohashi, but she also enjoys working with other instructors to travel throughout Japan to spread the authentic Shaolin arts.